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nal Themes, All Year Long, Multiple options to choose from

Sessions to fit any budget and preference. Do-It-Yourself, to assisted, to Professional. A variety of days and times available.

1. Sessions available--Free and paid, can do drop in or reserve time
2. Free Photo Shoot - up to 10 minutes per session, you take photos, using your equipment.
Basic Standard Session- -take as many photos/videos as you like during your session, using your own equipment.
3. Have us take photos/videos, using your equipment;
4. Have us take photos/videos, using our Iphone, choose up to 5 items that we will email to you;
5. Bring or hire your own Professional Photographer, to take photos for you.

Chester Halloween Chrome Halloween hal annaChromeAnna

Have us take a photo of your pet (while you help/wait) (1 & 2 above, left to right); bring in your own professional and take your own (3 above); get a professional photo taken (4 above).

Photos 1-3 above by Canines Unlimited. Photo 4 (right) above, by Anna May.


1. Free Photo Shoot - 10 minutes per session. See schedule (scroll down table) for available times.

2. Basic Standard Rate: 5 minute increments, $5 cash per increment (includes sales tax). Purchase as many increments as you like. (Exception--Free Photo Shoot, 10 minute limit).

3. Our Assistance-using your equipment, add $5 cash per increment (includes sales tax). Does not apply to Free Photo Shoot.

4. Our assistance-using our Iphone, add $10 to base rate, per increment (includes sales tax). Does not apply to Free Photo Shoot.

5. Bring or hire your own Professional photographer. Basic Standard Rates apply. Your Photographers fees will be additional to you. We may have some recommendations/contact information.

6. Reservations available. 907-790-3647 or email info@caninesunlimited.com. See schedule (scroll down table) for available times. Add $5 per reservation. Must prepay. Non-refundable. Does not apply to Free Photo Shoot.

7. Additional costs for Reserved Sessions (not drop in), Credit Card and Checks.

8. See Guidelines below, for more information and fee schedule.

9. Please be sure to check out our schedule of times, including our Contact Page, for Exceptions to regular published day/times.



Karen photos Chester Maralee schubert

Set up your dog, and take your own photos/videos (left), as many as you want in your session, or have us take your photo. Photos left and right by Canines Unlimited. Photo in middle by Misti Hogberg.


  • We provide the Seasonal Setup. Some props available (scarves, etc.) for use.
  • Sessions are in 5 minute increments, book as much time as you want. (Exception-Free Photos, 10 minute limit, one per month).
  • Be sure to check out our Contact Page for Exceptions to regular days/times of activity.
  • Cash sales preferred. Add $2 for Credit Card or checks, per increment.
  • Dogs must be clean and dry. Multiple dogs allowed. Other pets upon approval. Pets must be under control at all times.
  • Time slot reserved is what you have available...be on time! Late arrivals will have what ever time is left of their reservation to use. (Chuckle. Time for recapturing escapees will count towards reservation time.)
  • Free use of attention getting tools (squeaky, flirt wand, toys), or bring your own.
  • Healthy treats available for purchase, $1/bag (includes sales tax) or bring your own.
  • Reservations are available at additional $5, pre-paid, non-refundable. Without reservation (drop-in), first come, first served.
  • Reservations may be rescheduled with 24 hour notice prior to scheduled time. Fees forfeit if less than 24 hours notice.
  • Various time slots availabe. See schedule.
  • Standard Dog Gym rules apply (pet on leash/contained, pet healthhy, vaccinations, safety, etc.)
  • All clients must sign our liability and information waiver.





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