Finishing the tunnelLoose lead heelingConfidence course/agility prep"Molly" gets lots of help and  praise from Erin and Reuben Willis going through the Confidence Course cube TTouch

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Training Philosophy

ClassesSection/ Day/ Time
# Classes
Puppy Kindergarten/Basic Dog Obedience-FLEXIBLE CLASSES -Training + Behavior Problem Solving
(age 8 weeks +) (over $200 free training)

Fridays, 6:00-7:00pm
8 or
Start right away!
Ongoing, Flexible classes, every Friday at Dojo
$149 (8 cls)
$199(12 cls)
includes /2 free private classes, many extras, 3 months (8 cls) or 5 months (12 cls) to complete
Private consultations Varies, by appt. Private Appointment at 4191 Taku Blvd. in valley Varies
Registration Form On-line

Front & center, at 12 weeks old

Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Dog Obedience, AND Problem Solving

  • 1) Flexible Classes with lots of extras, $200 discount, extra time to complete, and Start Right Away (Flexible) in 8 or 12 session classes.



"I am so happy that we found your class. You have a heart of gold and really care about not just the dogs but us untrained people as well. My husband Larry was very impressed with class last week and was able to see in action what we are working on so he can follow suit." Denise Van Der Pol, Juneau

"I'm really happy with everything she has learned so far and I enjoy learning from you! ...going to your class has made life much easier. I have some friends who recently got a yellow lab pup and I highly recommended your class to them. It's really helpful to learn how to mentally connect with the dog and cooperate with them. I'm able to keep her healing at my side without a leash for miles! Thanks again!" - K.S., Juneau

Rating our classes as "Excellent", Sabrina Nelson said the greatest benefit of our training was "that the dog listens and obeys commands."

Lorraine Stickel found our class "Excellent", really liked the Flexible format and appreciated the numerous alternative techniques we offered, to resolving issues. "Keep up the individual dog answers to problems!"


Puppy Kindergarten/Basic Dog Obedience-FLEXIBLE CLASSES---*Start right away! (See notes on "skip" weeks).

Flexible Full Course (12 sessions)10 Group classes + Two Free Private Classes, including Quick Start Orientation
Flexible Short Course (8 sessions)6 Group classes + Two Free Private Classes, including Quick Start Orientation

An introduction to the basics in control and cooperation, through positive, holistic techniques. Flexible hours, multi-media, multi-level, advance-at-your-own-pace, Free Juneau Dog Wash included.

RegistrationWhat's Covered?
Course DescriptionVariables
Dog AgeTotal Hours / # Sessions
Dates & TimesAdvance at your own pace
CostRefund & Class Policies
VaccinationsMap to Dojo






Obedience class activitiesFree treats samples at classBonus Bag

Course Supplies
include course handouts, resource information, helpful hints, variety of samples (food/treats) for "doggie taste testing" at home (get your dog's opinion on foods), and "pickup" baggy.

Course Equipment
Your dog gains experience and confidence working with the great variety of equipment we use each week, including tunnels, labyrinths, weave poles, ramps, agility, cavaletti, vacuum cleaners, rally-o, and more.

Healthy Training Treats
Variety of healthy training treat samples from the 60+ kinds of healthy treats we carry, are handed out/available at class each week
Bonus Bag of Equipment includes a 20 ft. long line, plush squeaky toy, latex squeaky toy (varies), soft training treats, dental chew.

One time fee of $27.95 applies at registration for course equipment and supplies.

Samples free at class

$37.95 (discounted cost*)
$17.95 for 20 ft. longline only (discounted cost*)

*purchased at class signup/orientation


  • Standard obedience "commands" (come, sit, down, etc.)
  • Start training at sign up, at shop (see shop hours). Please complete and send Registration Form On-line, at least 24 hours prior toshoping by shop to start training and complete
  • Free Private Orientation/first class, teaching techniques to give you skills to use as soon as you arrive at first group class. Class is for beginning students only, prior to starting group classes.
  • Free Private final class after completing all group classes, and by expiration date, to follow-up on progress and design plan for future work and training, with certificate of completion of classes
  • Techniques for preventing/alleviating behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping on people, chewing, licking, fear of riding in cars, loud noises and more
  • Numerous techniques for teaching dogs "loose leash" walking
  • Notification via E-newsletter of "skip" weeks (automatic signup unless you specify otherwise, opt out anytime)
  • Unlimited support/outside class help available upon request at no additional cost
  • Positive, fun, motivational training techniques
  • Problem solving
  • Experiential class providing new and different situations to practice and fine tune your skills
  • T Touch (for focus, relaxation, listening, balance, intelligent choices by dog)
  • C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills) excercises, from the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) program
  • Healthy "treat" samples
  • Introduction to Clicker training
  • Practical exercises such as leaving other dogs and items alone, not jumping on people
  • "Reading" dog language
  • Safety (for dogs and handlers) is a priority. Class is primarily on-leash, with off leash work as designated by instructor. Handlers are expected to be responsible and ethical in their handling, and be in control of their dogs (numerous methods and techniques taught to accomplish this.)
  • "Socialization", appropriate dog-to-dog and dog-to-people interaction, supervised
  • Optional Free-Puppy (8-20 weeks of age) Open Play time, weekly before class (5:40-6:00p). All handlers are expected to appropriately supervise and guide their dog's behavior. It is an option to learn and practice polite and appropriate "indoor" play and socialization. Bullying, roughhousing and aggressive behavior are not allowed.
  • Pet First Aid (optional)
  • Course handouts
  • Certificate of Completion, at Free Private Final Class, after completing group classes, and by expiration date
  • Homework!
  • . . . and more!

This is "low/no impact" work as there is no jumping, and obstacles are done at a walk.

Course description:

Beginning puppy/dog obedience/learning class in basic (positive) training techniques to achieve a cooperative, healthy, happy, balanced dog, who will respond to basic cues, alone or around other people or dogs. It is about creating/building a Relationship with your dog, so they are having fun, feeling safe, and cooperating with you because they want to and chose to. Appropriate dog-to-dog meeting, interactive play and handler response is introduced. Whether your goals are for an enjoyable, well-behaved family pet, a working dog or agility or show, getting started on the right "paw" sets the stage for a lifetime of wonderful relationships and activities. This course gives the handler/owner the tools to achieve this end, and provide a safe environment to work in. This class is not for dog/people reactive/aggressive dogs-check with us for other options.


Dogs and humans learn at different rates and in different ways. Because of our background in many types and styles of training, we are able to provide many different ways of approaching an issue, and personalize it as needed. The Flexible schedule allows great opportunity for introducing other techniques and methods, as needed, for individual dog/handler issues. Students should be prepared to practice at home with their dog.

Dog age:

  • Canine age: 8 weeks and older
  • Handler family members welcome (no additional charge.)
  • Children must have separate supervisory person, other than dog handler. They must be quiet and be able to do quiet activities (read, draw, etc.) during class.

Total classes:

Flexible, eight classes (six group classes plus two private classes), including Quick Start orientation class, to be completed within three months, or 12 classes (10 group plus two private) to be completed within five months, of class payment date. This flexible schedule accommodates the needs of many students for the days when they need to be out of town, or are unable to attend class for other reasons. Skip/miss a week or two (or more), without penalty or loosing time or money, as would be the case in the consecutive week format (where if you miss a class and you can never totally make it up.)

Dates and Times:

Group with-dog classes are held once a week, at the Dojo, on Fridays (except certain Holidays or as announced), from 6:00-7:00pm. The Private Orientation class, for beginning students only, is offered on Fridays at 7:15p at the Dojo. Open Puppy Play time is offered on Fridays from 5:40-6:00p, for currently registered students, (except certain Holidays or as announced), in conjunction with the regular Group class.

Advance at your own pace:

Because of the personalized, flexible nature of the training course, your dog may be able to enter at a higher level, or quickly move to higher levels if able to perform the skills. If needed, they can also remain at a skill level until achieving success at those skills, avoiding a situation of having to try skills they are not ready for, just because that is what the instructor has to cover that particular week. This builds a strong foundation of self-confidence, thoroughly deals with individual challenges and does not create confusion because the dog is not ready for advancement. Expect homework each week.

Indoor class location:

9447 LaPerouse (valley), Shotokan Karate Do Club Dojo, (see map below) just down the street from the City Wastewater Treatment plant, on Radcliffe. The (former) Craft Carousel was at the other end of the street. Layered dress recommended. Street shoes not allowed on Dojo floor. Extra socks available at class. See map below.

Aware Winning, Multi-disciplined Professional Instructor:

Martha Fischbach, a National Award Winning trainer, Certified T Touch Practitioner and Certified Professional Groomer, Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner-in-training, holds numerous awards, dog titles, state and local recognition, additional training in holistic methods (canine acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, Healing Touch, homeopathics, flower essences, etc.) 30+ years experience, national conference presenter. Please see our Credentials, for more information.


Full Course--12 classes (10 Group + 2 Private classes), 5 months to complete:
A $407.00+ value for only $199.00 plus a one time equipment/supply fee of $27.95 (required).
Additional optional Bonus Bag of Equipment is available at 25% discount, for $37.95 (see above picture or 20 ft. longline only for $17.95). Sales tax (5%) added if applicable. Register On-line

Short Course--
8 classes (6 Group + 2 Private classes), 3 months to complete:
A $357.00+ value for only $149.00 plus a one time equipment/supply fee of $27.95 (required). Additional optional Bonus Bag of Equipment is available at 25% discount, for $37.95 (see above picture or 20 ft. longline only for $17.95). Sales tax (5%) added if applicable. Register On-line

Payment by cash, check (to "Canines Unlimited",) VISA or MASTER CARD. Registrations will not be considered complete without full payment.

Refund and Class Policies:

Sorry… no refunds, credits or transfers on training classes.

Flexible PuppyK/Basic Obedience: Classes are to be completed within three/five months from Sign Up. Because of the flexible schedule, we cannot predict the number of students at any given session. Be sure to arrive by class starting time to ensure your space in class. Student expiration date will be extended one week for any skip week that falls within their course dates.

All Classes: Classes may be added, combined, canceled or changed, subject to enrollment, at our discretion, without notice. Proof of necessary immunization/titers/veterinary recommendation required in hard copy form. First come, first served. Classes to be completed within the time frame specified at registration. Skip weeks for holidays or other reasons (such as instructor training) will be announced, and listed on our "Contact" page.


Registering for class(es) constitutes attestment that your canine is age appropriate current on his/her vaccinations/titers (Distemper, Adenovirus (Hepatitus), Parvovirus, Rabies) or veterinary recommendation and can produce written proof of such. Proof of vaccination/titers/veterinary recommendation-must be shown at Registration Materials Pick up at our shop, during regular shop hours. A copy may be faxed to us at 907-789-WOOF (9663).

For further information on the vaccination issue see these related links:

Puppy Vaccination and Early Socialization:
" Please remember that the risk of a dog dying (euthanasia) because of behavior problems is more than 1,000 times the risk of
dying of distemper or parvo virus. Early learning, socialization of puppies and appropriate vaccination should go together in a
wellness program designed to protect lives of dogs and improve the bond with families".-Robert K. Anderson DVM, MPH, DACVPM and DACVB


Five Easy Ways to Send Registration Form/Information:

Registration Form On-line (preferred)
Phone: (907) 790-DOGS (3647)
Fax: (907) 789-WOOF (9663)
Mail: P.O. Box 34496, Juneau, AK 99803 (note-mail can take up to a week to be delivered to us-please plan accordingly)
Drop-off: at 4191 Taku Blvd. (Put in mail slot in door. Please Do NOT leave in mail box by street.
NOTE: please do NOT send Credit Card information via email, as it is not secure.


1. Complete the Registration Form On-line and submit it online.

2. Complete the Registration process: Establish a Sign-up/Pick up time with instructor (via email
info@caninesunlimited.com or phone, 907-790-3647) and Pick up your registration packets and materials at our shop, at 4191 Taku Blvd (valley), have vaccination records verified (show hard copy proof) and make payment, during regular shop hours (Tuesdays or Thursdays, 1pm-9pm, and Saturdays 9am-5pm). Please see regular shop hours for any exceptions to regular shop hours.

3. Afte completing the Registration Process, you may attend the Private Orientation class, any Friday, 7:15 pm, at Dojo, (9447 LaPerouse) (class takes about 45-60 minutes)or choose to skip it. Set up attendance date of the Private Orientation class, with instructor. You will learn beginning TTouch, and beginning exercises. Be sure to check for possible skip weeks if instructor will be out of town.
Your Private Orientation Class is only offered and available PRIOR to starting Group classes, and may be skipped, if you prefer to do so.
4. It is recommended that you also call us at 790-DOGS (3647) or email us to advise us of your intention to start class, to be sure we received your registration.

Registration is considered complete when we actually receive your completed registration form, verify vaccination records and receive full payment (VISA, MASTER CARD, check [to "Canines Unlimited"] or cash).

Please use separate registration form for each class or dog.

If you are unable to complete the Registration Form On-line, please click here to download PDF registration form (54 KB), complete and fax to us at 907-789-WOOF (9663). (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or higher to view this file.)

Quick Start Private Orientation: Jump start your training, by helping your dog be calm, relaxed and focused with TTouch, as well as starting beginning exercises and skills.

Free Juneau Dog Wash: A free half hour appointment for your dog at the do-it-yourself Juneau Dog Wash is included with each Puppy Kindergarten/Basic Obedience eight or ten session course registration. Appointments available at our shop, during regular shop hours. Your free Juneau Dog Wash is available throughout the length of your course.

Second Private class is done at your convenience (arrange with instructor), after the completion of all of your group classes and by your course expiration date, to follow-up and recap your progress, draw up a plan of following action, and receive your certificate of completion.

Sign up now. Class registrations are on a first come, first served basis.

We will DONATE $ to Gastineau Humane Society (GHS) if you adopted your puppy/dog from them. Just provide proof of adoption when you register for any Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Obedience class and present coupon (from GHS). Must start class within three months (90 days) of adoption of puppy or dog and have coupon from GHS.


Extension Classes (4 additional weeks) to Flexible class PuppyK/Basic Obedience:

For students desiring a few more weeks of classes beyond their regular classes, with continued instructor assistance and controlled group practice, at a reduced rate. Same flexible format as our standard 8 session classes, with two months to complete the four classes. You must register no later than the last class of your current session (or expiration date, whichever comes first.) Cost is $85.00 plus any applicable sales tax. Register On-line





Our Specialty Classes are offered at various times, throughout the year. If you are interested in one or more, and they are not currently on the Schedule of Current Classes, please contact us at 907-790-3647, for information on the next time it will be offered.

K9 Nosework
Pushy Pups
Therapy Dogs
Problem Solving
Loose Leash Walking - Workshop
Come! - Workshop
Settle! - Workshop
Street Smarts
Good Dog - Forever!

Map to Dojo

Map to Dojo


Private Consultations :

Private consultations for obedience or specialized training and problem solving issues such as separation anxiety, nipping, barking/howling, digging, aggression, fear of loud noises, pulling on a leash, etc., are available. Call us at 907-790-DOGS (3647) for information and appointments. These consultations are held at our shop, 4191 Taku Blvd. Register On-line


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