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Returning Client/Dog
Registration/Reservation Request Form

(This form only for previous boarding/day care dogs at Canines Unlimited with same address, general contact information and all dog information [including vaccination, health, medications, feeding or other updates] as provided on Full/Initial form, or revised in writing/email to us.)

Owner/Handler Name:
1. Contact phone no.
2. Dog Name(s):
3. Service Requested

4. Drop off and pick up days & times requested, flight #/time and/or ferry schedule and people authorized to drop off/pick up.

5. What's new, different, revised, changed? Please list any additional services to be provided. List current feeding and medication schedule. Let me know the details of whatever information I need or should have from your last written/emailed information. Please include current vaccination/license expiration dates, health information, food/meds, new phone numbers/devices or contact information, change of veterinarian, etc. Please provide a sufficient amount of food for your dog's entire stay. We have foods available for purchase, if you perfer.

Dog drop-off and pick-up times are:
For Boarding: 7:00am-9:00pm, 7 days a week by arrangement, with before/after hours 24/7 option (additional $50 per occurrence, if after hours)
For Day Care: 7:00am-6:00pm full day; M-F by arrangement, with before/after hours option (additional $50 per occurrence, if after hours).

To hold your Boarding requested dates, there is a $50/dog, non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, with reservations, and the full amount is due when your dog is dropped off. Day Care Deposit is full fee. Guaranteed Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Your requested dates are considered tentative for your dog(s) until we have received your deposit, your deposit completing the reservation process. Availability may have changed if someone else leaves their deposit for their dogs before you do. We will send you a confirmation of receipt of your registration information. If you do not receive our confirmation, within 24 hours of sending registration information to us, please contact us immediately.

Because it is our private residence, and dogs may get to sleep on our bed, lounge on the Dog Couch, and snuggle on our lap, all dogs are required to be clean and sweet smelling. All dogs will receive our Basic Dog Bath, at a reduced rate. Costs approximately range from $12-$40, with an average medium size dog being around $18-25. We may waive the requirement if your dog is already clean and sweet smelling.

For dogs under one year of age, a negative fecal report, from within 10 days preceding the start of boarding/day care must be provided. All vaccination/fecal information must be provided in hard copy form, no later than 48 hours (M-F) before dog care begins.
6. Release:

I register the dog named above and release Canines Unlimited, Martha Fischbach, and any other associated entity from all liability for damages or injuries of any nature that may arise in connection with this dog care. Please use the most recent registration information, where not updated by this form. I understand there are no credits, transfers or refunds.

I certify this dog has had puppy vaccinations and age appropriate vaccinations, and is immunized appropriately for health and safety, is in healthy condition, and is not a danger to other animals or humans, is relaxed, comfortable and quiet being contained in a kennel/airline crate. This dog will allow themselves to be touched, handled, leashed and leash walked and kenneled, without fearful or aggressive behavior to a handler. I certify I have and will produce written veterinary documentation of all vaccination information. I will provide proof of current vaccinations (rabies, DHPP) OR titers, OR veterinary approval showing they are free of these diseases/conditions. For dogs under one year of age, I will provide a negative fecal report, from within 10 days preceding the start of boarding/day care.

Canines Unlimited has permission to use, and retains all rights to use any of my comments, any communications, or photos/videos taken, for educational, informational, promotional or commercial purposes, such materials becoming the property of Canines Unlimited/Martha Fischbach.

Canines Unlimited/Martha Fischbach has my permission to seek medical or other assistance for my pet(s), and make any decisions necessary, including life and death issues, in the event I cannot be contacted or reached to make such decisions. Medical or other needs requiring our additional personal care and attention beyond the normal, will be prorated by the minute, at the rate of $1.50/minute.

I have read, understood and agree with the dog care services information, policies and fee structure and agree to payment of all charges. I understand there is a $50/dog, non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, with reservations, and the full amount is due when my dog is dropped off. Additional services/charges incurred will be paid at pickup. I will provide sufficient food for my dog's stay. I promise to immediately contact Canines Unlimited/Martha Fischbach with any questions, comments, or concerns I have about boarding/day care for my pet. Policies may be revised/changed at any time without notice.

This permission and all included information will remain in effect until changed, revised or revoked, in writing or via email.

Yes, I agree (must check box)



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