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Vaccinations, requirements and particulars

Vaccinations and food:
We understand some dogs have medical issues or owner concerns about vaccinations, so we allow options for this issue, so you are not required to vaccinate, for what ever reason. For all Day Care and Boarding dogs, you must provide hard copy veterinary proof, at least 48 hours, M-F, prior to start of Boarding/Day Care, of current vaccinations (rabies, DHP) OR titers, OR veterinary approval showing they are free of these diseases/conditions (contact your veterinarian for advice and recommendation).
To avoid gastrointestinal issues, please provide an adequate amount of your dog's diet for their stay. Quality foods are available for purchase, if desired.

Other considerations:
Your dog must be safe to handle and touch by humans. They must allow themselves to be leashed and walked on a leash, kenneled or otherwise handled, without fearful or aggressive behavior to handler.
For safety reasons, just as our own dogs would, dogs may be kenneled at times. Your dog must be relaxed, comfortable and quiet with being in a kennel (crate).
Because we provide a home setting, and may have other dogs staying with us, sharing the dog couch, play yard, etc., your dog needs to be friendly, and basically quiet, and get along with and in the presence of other dogs. Additional costs will apply if you dog needs to be upgraded to Private Suite.

NOTE: If you are not sure whether or not your dog has issues as above, we would be happy to schedule a "practice run" through either a day of Boarding or Day Care time, to help identify them.

We do provide Private Consultations and Training, to help them overcome such issue(s), and we would be happy to set up a consult time or do additional training, should you wish it. Please contact us at 907-790-3647, for more information.

Dogs under a year of age must have a (negative) fecal within 10 days of boarding.

Basic Dog Bath
Because it is our private residence, and dogs may get to sleep on our bed, lounge on the Dog Couch, and snuggle on our lap, all dogs are required to be sparkly clean and sweet smelling. Therefore, all dogs will receive our Basic Dog Bath, at a reduced rate. Costs approximately range from $12-$40, with an average medium size dog being around $18-25. We may waive the requirement if your dog is already clean and sweet smelling. And of course, full grooming services are available, if desired.

Upon verification of date availability and receipt of your completed Boarding/Day Care registration, a nonrefundable, non-transferable deposit, of $50/dog, is required, to guarantee and hold your Boarding) reservation (first come, first served). Day Care rates are paid in full, to hold the reservation. We will send you an email confirming receipt of your registration request, and will email you an invoice for the deposit. (Note-this invoice will be coming from, not Canines Unlimited. Please check your spam filter for it if not received within 24 hours.)

Costs listed are per day, plus applicable Sales Tax.

Drop off/Pick up times:
Boarding: 7:00am-9:00pm, 7 days a week by arrangment.
Day Care: 7:00am-6:00pm full day, MW, by arrangement.
After Hours Option-Boarding and Day Care have a before/after hours option for drop off and pick up (additional $50, per occurrence, if after hours)

Additional services:
Under our watchful eye, we sometimes discover behaviors of concern or physical issues, during the course of your pet's stay with us. There is no charge for initial observations and discovery, nor initial reporting on these isues. We will alert you immediately of these issues, for further instruction from you on course(s) of action to take. Should you wish us to take further action on the issue, or until we do receive additional direction from you or your designee, (example-transport dog to veterinarian, acquiring "samples", documenting and observing, pickup, purchase and preparation of veterinary or owner request meds/items, etc.) the time will be billed at $1.50/minute. There is no charge for ordinary administration of food, oral medicine and supplements. Diabetic and other veterinary prescribed procedures will be billed at $1.50/minute.



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