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Taste Tests - How to

Place 3-5 different foods to test on the floor, labeled, and then let your dog in. Video if you can.Post-its are quick and easy to use, and stick to the floor.Dog eye viewTry different configurations, leave space between choices.A 3 x 5 card, taped to the floor, can work well.Remember, cats can taste test, too.You only need a few kibble for taste tests.

Taste Tests are sort of like a sports contest. You start out competing with other individuals, and over time and multiple "tests" you come up and a highest rated individual (or product) in that group. The "winners" from multiple groups, then compete, for the highest rated individual (or product) of that comparison. And on until you get best individual or product at that time.

Here's how to do it:

1. Decide where you are going to do your taste tests, then put the dog in a different room, while you prepare the tests.
2. Pick 2-5 different foods, and put a small amount on a labeled card, on the floor. Kibble can be placed on a 3x5 card or a sticky note, soft or moist foods would need to be in a dish that is set on the floor next to the label (see below for The Honest Kitchen taste tests). Include the food you are currently feeding, too, to get a comparison and opinion from your dog.
3. Be sure to leave some space between each sample.
4. Video it if you can, placing yourself so you can see the dog and label of the food. (Digital cameras take good video clips these days.) Or take photos, if possible, to help you remember what your dog did.
5. Take notes, as objectively as you can, as to your dog's behavior. There are no right or wrong answers.
6. Remove your dog when he is done with the presented food, repeat the test with the same samples, but mix up the order. Then let your dog in again, and see what happens.
7. Repeat the process another two or three times, mixing up the order or placement each time, to get a good reading on your dog's opinion of those foods. Keep taking notes and videos or photos.
8. If you have more samples, you can keep going with more and more tests. After you have several "group" winners (preferred foods), put the winners together as a group, and test them together, to get the preferred food of that group.
9. Save your sample bags for valuable information about ingredients.

Keep in mind that your taste test is about your dog's opinion of the food(s) at that moment in time. Due to the changing nature of individual needs, you may get different outcomes from doing the tests at another time. If you are getting information from your dog that his dietary needs are changing (does not seem to want his food so enthusiastically, won't eat it, etc.), you might consider doing another series of taste tests, to find out how he has changed in his preferences.

Have fun with the tests, learn lots, repeat when you want more information. Happy testing! :-)




Odie before and after natural foods

Great nutrition is essential for all parts of your pet's life. For dogs like Odie (pictured above, before and after) with certain health conditions a high quality diet with supplements, is essential.


The Honest Kitchen taste test videos-quality and convenience. Dehydrated, whole food...just add water, hydrate and serve! Our thanks to Rick Wery and his crew for the video clips, used with his permission.

Click inside the images below to view our series of Honest Kitchen Dog taste test videos.
(Alternately, click on the link next to the image, if the image will not play)

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