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Juneau's Dog Whisperer

That's what clients are saying about Canines Unlimited, because of the unique, kind, gentle and successful way of working with you and your pet, to achieve solutions for behavior and other issues.

Helping your dog be all they can be...and what you'd like them to be.

Options: 1 hour, 3 hour package or 6 hour package. Skype/Zoom/teleconference also available.

Equipment usage is Free, Supply Fee ($9.95) will be added for "in person" appointments.

Registration information

For an appointment or information, please call 907-790-DOGS (3647), or email DogWhisperer@caninesunlimited.com.



Registration Policies, Class/Activity and Refund Info.:

  • Classes and activities are on-leash, unless otherwise specified. Handlers are to pick-up/clean up after their dog. Handlers should be engaging in an activity with their dog, in control of their dog, creating fun and interesting situations for them, and prevent their dog from stressing other dogs in any way.
  • Classes recommended for dogs with dog or people reactivity issues are Calm Canine, Nosework and Private Consultations or Dog Whisperer.
  • Client certifies their dog is in sound and good health, per their veterinarian, and is not a safety concern to other dogs or handlers. Handlers certify they also are of sound and good health, per their doctor (for use of equipment). Use of treadmills and equipment is at their discretion, for both dogs and people, and handlers assume all responsibility and risk for any happening or outcome from use of equipment, resources, classes or activities. Equipment/resources should NOT be used if either handler or dog is not in good health, unless under the direction of their veterinarian/doctor or therapist.
  • Sorry… no refunds, credits or transfers to other people or dogs, on training classes, activities, exercises. Payment by cash, check (to "Canines Unlimited",) VISA or MASTER CARD. Registrations will not be considered complete without full payment. Any adjustments made to accomodate special situtations may incur an additional administrative fee.
  • Be sure to arrive by class starting time to ensure your space in class.
  • Student expiration date will be extended one week for any skip week that falls within their course dates.
  • All Classes: Classes may be added, combined, canceled or changed, subject to enrollment, at our discretion, without notice. Proof of necessary immunization/titers/veterinary recommendation required in hard copy form, prior to first class. First come, first served. Classes to be completed within the time frame specified at registration, with the Start Date & Time listed on Registration form being the beginning class of the course. Skip weeks for holidays or other reasons (such as instructor training) will be announced, and listed on our "Contact" page.
  • Group Classes are an hour, unless otherwise specified, with time allowed and included for settling in, questions, and collecting your dog and materials at end of class. Classes short of minimum enrollment may still be held, at shorter class length, relative to number of participants.
  • Minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Accomopanying children must have separate supervisory person, other than dog handler, if attending/watching. They (children) must be quiet and be able to do quiet activities (read, draw, etc.) during class.
  • Private Classes, Appointments/Consultations or Meetings CANCELLATION Policy: No later than 12 Noon the day BEFORE the scheduled class/appointment. If not cancelled/changed by that time, it will be considered taken/completed and you will be charged for the appointment. Any deposit paid (non-refundable) will be final and non-transferable.
  • Registration Deadline: Register for class(es) 24 hours or more in advance of class start. Registrations received later than that may be subject to a $10 service fee.
  • REASSIGNMENT: Any canine participating in a group class, that displays behavior which is of safety concern or inappropriate for any person or dog in class, will, at the instructor's discretion, be reassigned to our Private Consultation serivce or other appropriate Class, and remaining class funds will be applied to Private Consultation/Class at those rates. Missing or inaccurate Registration information may lead to delay, reassignment, or cancellation of Registration, without refund. The Private Consultation services must be used within the time frame of the original class.

NOTE: You should always seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian when making any changes to your dog's physical, mental or emotional being. None of the recommendations made in our training courses are intended or to be used in place of proper veterinary care.



Registering for class(es) constitutes attestment that your canine is age appropriate current on his/her vaccinations/titers (Distemper, Adenovirus (Hepatitus), Parvovirus, Rabies) or veterinary recommendation and can produce written proof of such. Proof of vaccination/titers/veterinary recommendation-must be shown at Registration. A copy may be faxed to us at 907-789-WOOF (9663) or emailed to info@caninesunlimited.com.

For further information on the vaccination issue see these related links:

Puppy Vaccination and Early Socialization:

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes puppies should start puppy socialization and classes BEFORE they are fully vaccinatted. See their statement HERE.

" Please remember that the risk of a dog dying (euthanasia) because of behavior problems is more than 1,000 times the risk of dying of distemper or parvo virus. Early learning, socialization of puppies and appropriate vaccination should go together in a wellness program designed to protect lives of dogs and improve the bond with families".-Robert K. Anderson DVM, MPH, DACVPM and DACVB




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